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Mona ([personal profile] amona) wrote2009-05-08 09:07 pm

It is appropriate that I start this journal off with procrastination

There are many things I would rather be doing than writing this paper right now.

Napping in the rose garden. Resting on the beach. Adventuring to Wal-Mart. Writing crappy poetry. Arguing over some philosophical truth. Watching Moulin Rouge an N-th time. Playing the french horn. Visiting the library. Traveling across country. Going to a carnival. Eating fried dough. Baking cookies. Driving aimlessly through suburbs. Listening to live music. Recalling old memories. Singing Avenue Q loudly. Crocheting. Reading Harry Potter. Watching Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban and making fun of Hermione's lines. Mocking people. Visiting museums with my grandmother. Going hiking. Enjoying nature. Reorganizing my room. Doing laundry. Making fun of my roommate as she hurts herself on everyday objects. Singing along to Beatles classics.

Et cetera.

And now to analyze whether or not religions contribute to human moral development.

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